….After talking with her and listening to her suggestions, I decided to hire her to help with the entire makeover! Laurie brought over wallpaper, paint and carpet samples and fabric swatches .She accompanied me to furniture stores. She rearranged the bookshelves to make them look fabulous. Her recommendations were invaluable. She coordinated the necessary contractors and was accessible through the entire project. She has a keen eye for color and furniture placement and has a gift for hanging artwork and selecting accessories. She is professional, very talented and delightful to work with.

Solon, OH 

Laurie is a responsive, conscientious, straightforward, trustworthy, creative and pleasant professional who is easy to work with. She was great at following up on issues and extended herself even with most of minute details. She has an amazingly good eye for colors (paints, fabrics, etc.) as well as for the placement of furniture and fixtures. The bottom line is, her input completely improved the appearance of the rooms from dreary to openness, brightness and very inviting. Her involvement saved us time, money and from making mistakes. Hats off to Laurie for a job well done.

Mayfield Village, OH 

Laurie was extremely responsive throughout and helped us tremendously throughout the process. She worked within our style and budget in making all recommendations. She had very creative and helpful ideas,… She also made great suggestions on paint colors... Laurie was happy to help with every detail, down to the knobs on our closet doors. ..She has a terrific personality and is extremely professional. We are happy to recommend her.


Beechwood, OH

Laurie is very creative and has a great ability to understand each client, their style and living style so she brings ideas that appeal to you personally and fit into your daily living. Very personalized so that you feel a uniqueness to the designs/ideas she presents. Laurie also looks for cost-effective ways to decorate.


Laurie was extremely patient with our timing; our budget constraints; and our indecisiveness. Laurie made her suggestions and was supportive if we wanted to go in a different direction. She was always honest and direct with us; she did not impose her desire to do something in a particular way. She was very conscientious about cost. She is a very sweet and easy person to work with.

Shaker Heights, OH 

Laurie has an amazing eye for design and helped us making lasting changes to our home that we love and never would have thought of without her. She brings creativity and practicality together beautifully, and keeps her clients informed every step of the way. Her work is top-notch, and her prices are very reasonable. I would recommend Laurie unequivocally for anyone in need of some interior design assistance.



Renters can embrace home decor trends in their own way

Renters may assume House Beautiful’s 2014 home décor trends are about as applicable to them as the outrageous avant-garde ruffles or fur-trimmed skirts donned by waify, high fashion runway models. When you don’t own the place you call home, smearing navy blue paint on the living room walls is not typically a great move. Then there’s the issue of staying power when it comes to following trends. Often you run the risk of making an investment in looks that are fashionable today, but might be dated in just a year or so.

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Beachwood home gets a
 Wild West makeover

Outside it's a typical yellow-brick, bland, postwar bungalow home. Inside, well, yee haw! Welcome to the Wild West. But don't get the wrong idea. The Beachwood home of nationally renowned intervention specialist Jane Eigner Mintz, 48, is not cowboy tacky. It's a sleek, sophisticated reflection of the Shaker Heights native's adoration of the Southwest and its culture. "I'm a cowgirl at heart," said Mintz during a tour last week of her recently renovated, 2,000-square-foot home. "I love everything about the Southwest."

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Mayfield home's living room, sunroom
 get a makeover

It all started with the skylights. Both windows -- the only light in a dark, paneled space -- were leaking. The Mayfield homeowners were toying with the idea of downsizing for several reasons: their 1971 house needed updating, their two sons had moved away, and rooms that made sense for a growing, active family no longer worked for two retirees who hosted card parties, not birthday bashes. At the same time, the real estate market became scary and selling the home didn't seem like a good idea. A complete decor overhaul seemed to be the answer. The couple agreed to share the details of the project on the condition that their names not be used, to protect their privacy. 

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New apartment dweller shares tips for downsizing from house to apartment

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Joanie Kaufman enthusiastically trains her big blue eyes on her visitor, uses one hand to start a vigorous handshake and sweeps her free hand behind her in a "Ta da!" presentation of her sunny, window-lined living room. "I have a joke," she announces, right after hellos. She pauses for dramatic effect. "I can now say I'm in the Ivy League." Kaufman, 78, laughs heartily. She is incredibly proud and happy about her three-bedroom, cozy apartment, situated in an ivy-covered Tudor-style apartment building within ball-whacking

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Mother of twins tackles task of creating home sweet dream home

By SUSAN CONDON LOVE Beverly Franklin grew up in Chardon, but spent most of her adult life in another quaint city — Alexandria, Virginia, living in an historic townhouse and working for the U.S. Patent office. In 2012, though, with two rambunctious five-year-old twin boys, the small, albeit historically located home became a problem, especially because of its lack of a yard. Beverly decided a change was in order. She moved back to Northeast Ohio and rented a home — not in Chardon, but in Chagrin Falls. “I’d always loved Chagrin Falls,” she said on a recent, unusually chilly and gray July afternoon. “I thought it was beautiful and dreamed one day of living here.” Beverly’s criteria for her new home was specific — it had to be located in a great school district and there had to be room for her two boys, Hunter and Colton, to play and grow. Living in Chagrin Falls fulfilled both her childhood dreams and her adult needs.

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